Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Looooooooooooong Time!

It has been a long time since I have posted. Right now I am using the laptop as the computer sort of blew, I think it just kept overheating and then it kept shutting down on it's own(little creepy at first) and then it just went. Leah and Johnny will turn 8 and two in April, really not that far away. Then Eric and Mikey will turn 10 and 4, I am really anticipating this because it means I can put Mikey in school this fall (yeah!). Then in June we will welcome another baby to the family and we will find out the sex the beginning of next month. When I have taken some new pictures I will post them as I am so far behind and probably will never catch up, I will leave that be. I am so excited for spring and can't wait until I can plant my garden, I love to garden and this will be the first real year in a while. So along with my cherry tree, apple tree, high bush blueberries, raspberies, blackberries, I will be adding 2 pecan trees, two heartnut trees, 2 more high bush blueberries, some purple raspberries, a peach and apricot tree, and some more grapes, also a cherry tree and apple tree. I love to grow things and then be able to use what they grow. I will leave at this and promise not to leave so long between posts again:)

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