Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hospital Stay

Tuesday morning I went in to my doctor's appt and they monitored the baby and took my blood pressure and low and behold, it was up again. It was 158/100 and they were really concerned so decided that I was going to stay. So I went home and got some things together. When I got here they didn't have the doctor's orders yet so I sat around for 2 hours reading and feeling really hungry. Then they finally got my orders and I was able to order lunch. Lois, my midwife came in and said we're going to do a 24 hour urine and lab work and if things look good I could go home on bedrest, yeah. Nope, the doctor came in yesterday and told me that things are better but not great so I will probably be here until I have the baby. I am almost 37 weeks, and the lady who did my ultrasound said, why don't they induce you now, your baby will be fine, he's a big boy. Dr says, has to have a diagnosis, in order to induce early, I do not want to be here until the 26th of April, I told him that if we went by my original due date I'd already be 39 weeks and it would be fine. Still a lot of waiting. The good thing is my meals are covered and I finally get internet, bad thing, I miss my family like crazy. Ben is going to bring the kids in tonight. I really miss them. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter, Beautiful Weather

The Easter weekend was beautiful and then for Easter we went up to my parents in Dover for Easter and Conference. The kids had a fun time and the food was great. My mom is always so thoughtful because she always manages to get the kids something she knows they'll like. My Gram made the best bread. I can just eat it and eat it.

We are having a Birthday party for Leah this year and are inviting her class, which is very exciting for her and a little stressful for me but my mom gave me a great idea. Leah said she wants cupcakes and not a cake and mom said just buy candy and let the kids decorate their own so I think I will do that. We will also do a pinata and I will make goodie bags as soon as I know how many kids will be there. Luckily for me she is the only one this year who wants a big party. Eric says he just wants his family there.

It is another beautiful day and another uncomfortable night for me, I'm always too hot and my left hand was bothering me, also my feet are swelling. 3 more weeks to go!

Here are some cute pics I took the other night and this morning.